What I'm Hearing in My Head

Mr. Natural's Music School, madness, and surviving San Francisco

The film What I’m Hearing in My Head is a portrait of Mr. Natural, a San Francisco iconoclast who has developed a unique method to teach music.  He arrived in San Francisco just before the ‘Summer of Love’ when the city was embracing free spirits arriving from all over the country. Over the years, Mr. Natural has struggled to share his methods through Mr. Natural’s Music School.  His uncanny resemblance to the Mr. Natural character created by Robert Crumb has influenced his life and identity over the years, and this film captures the colorful and multifaceted life he has led in San Francisco.

We are working hard to complete a rough cut of this film in 2013!!  We have finished most of the filming and we are currently working with Charlie Canfield to develop unique new illustrations and animation that will bring Mr. Natural’s story to life.


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